Project "website refresh"

Over the years this website has come in many forms, but one thing has never really been true: I’ve never really kept it updated. There was a time when I was heavily involved in the AtomicMPC forums, which generated a few projects for me to tinker on (Post of the Month Archives, “Ben says”, MacDude excuse generator…among other), but over the years my activity has dwindled.

Whilst I was involved in web development I had grand plans to write my own CMS, so all updates were squarely aimed in the backend, which nobody would have seen. I have since moved to SilverStripe for my CMS, which is far better than anything I could create, and allows me to focus more on the content of the site, and maybe a little on the presentation (though this is not one of my strong points).

Inspired by people around me that are a lot more active in their blogging, I have decided to start posting a bit more regularly. How long I keep this up, I’m not sure. But the intention is there.

So here’s to my inspirations:

A big thanks also to the author of the “dreamy” theme, I’ve since hacked it up a bit to make it my own, but the base design was a great start.