Another year has rolled by, and another “I’ve updated my website” post! This time, we’ve gone full circle to the old days of the Internet and gone back to static web pages…sort of. There’s still some dynamic elements, powered by Javascript- most notably the contact form and comments.

This posts marks a couple of changes:

  1. A move from Wordpress to Jekyll
  2. A move from my previous web host, to AWS.

So why the change? Mostly to play with AWS functionality. I’ve been exposed to AWS through work and see the huge benefits it can provide. Unfortunately, my current workplace is not really mature enough to take advantage of what AWS can provide, so I’m finding other ways to get my fix. I was also getting pretty sick of the poor performance of my old host, something that should definitely improve now (and still a few tweaks I want to make to shave a few more ms off).

I may end up writing a few posts on the migration, as there was a reasonable amount of work involved in setting it up. In terms of setup: All content is delivered via CloudFront from a S3 bucket, mostly to utilise SSL (using an AWS issued certificate) which the S3 static website hosting can’t provide at the moment. I also use Route 53 for DNS, and an API gateway with Lambda functions for the contact form.