vCheck it out!

So if you have been vSphere for some time, you have probably already heard of vCheck. If you haven’t heard of it, vCheck is a HTML reporting framework created by Alan Renouf, designed to generate reports on your environment in an easy-to-digest format. vCheck is a project that I immediately saw great use for, as someone that has written a tonne of scripts in the same vein (DFS, SCOM, CA Spectrum, vSphere, AD… the list goes on), having a standard framework for creating reports is fantastic. Receiving emails in your inbox (or on your mobile device), containing valuable information allows us to quickly identify and resolve problems before they occur.

Happy 2013

Once again, another massive gap since the last blog entry…oops.

2012 Powershell Scripting Games

Bit of a belated post, but over the first two weeks of April I competed in the 2012 Scripting Games. Overall, it was a pretty fun little competition which provided a nice challenge and education in Powershell scripting from an impressive cast of judges. At the end of the judging I was reasonably happy with my results, achieving and average of 4 stars across the ten advanced events.

SCCM Health Status Script

A few weeks ago I was tasked with babyitting duties on an SCCM environment whilst the regular guy is away. After a few days of logging in and checking site statuses and backups, I decided that it was time to script the task. The challenge of the task being that SCCM 2007 is one of the few products that Microsoft has released lately that doesn’t include Powershell integration.

Powershell Profiles

Another well overdue blog post, I have been busy studying to update to VCP5 (which I successfully passed a few weeks ago now).

iLO Checker Powershell

I was recently lumped with the task of verifying iLO ports across our fleet of HP servers. This involved several mind-numbingly tedious tasks, perfect for some Powershell love. The idea was pretty simple: take a list of servers, verify that they were still in production use, and then verify if iLO is working on them.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

So last night I took the plunge and did a fresh install of Lion on my MacBook Pro. I opted for the “create boot media and start from scratch” approach, more out of habit than anything else. So far I like it, a few quirky changes like the scroll direction I’m not sold on, but overall a nice update.


So…Another post, another huge gap between the last post and this one. Having completed my VMware course, I finally got around to completing the exam. As of this morning, I have everything I need to become a VCP4…I just have to wait for VMware to do it’s thing. And then start working on VCP5, now that my newly gained cert is obsolete…

Six weeks really flies by...

So, I just realised that it has been six weeks since my last post. A lot of my time has been chewed up with job searching, and the fact that I have been without a phone line at home for almost three weeks now, thanks to the joy of living in a poorly constructed apartment with a useless real estate agent/landlord/body corporate.