Exchange Message Tracking and my friend Powershell

Just before Christmas, the CEO of the company came up to me and asked for some basic stats on email traffic. At the time I was able to provide some detail from our email filtering software, and some very basic stats from the Exchange Message Tracking Log through Powershell. At the time it did the job, but I have since picked up the task again to add to my Exchange Information script (which is what it will become once it is no longer just Mailbox Stats).

What to do with old users

Something that is becoming increasingly important in my current role is what to do about old users that have left the organisation. Specifically:

  • What do you backup?
  • How long do you need to retain the data, and;
  • Where do you store it?

The Semicolon Wars

I recently read an article on the American Scientist website called The Semicolon Wars, which discussed the rise of the programming languages. The article discusses the fact that there are literally thousands of different languages, and the fact that this clearly shows that we haven’t got it right. But can we ever get it right?

Happy (belated) Christmas/New year!

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas, Hanukkah or however you celebrate this time of year, and a happy new year. I hope you all had a great time, and that the year ahead is a prosperous one.

Extending SilverStripe

As part of the whole “stop being lazy and update your website” kick I’m on, I decided to embark on a small project which required some extending of the already awesome SilverStripe CMS. Expect a new post fairly soon once I have finalised a few details, but I just though I would put up a quick post on the whole procedure.

Project "website refresh"

Over the years this website has come in many forms, but one thing has never really been true: I’ve never really kept it updated. There was a time when I was heavily involved in the AtomicMPC forums, which generated a few projects for me to tinker on (Post of the Month Archives, “Ben says”, MacDude excuse generator…among other), but over the years my activity has dwindled.

Multiple CDs to DVDs

This is something I’ve been playing with recently. I was getting annoyed with games these days shipping with an average of 3 or more CD. Sure, there have been some games released on DVD (such as Sims 2, UT2k4 and Far Cry) but other games have caused us to do the multiple CD juggle install. Well, if you own a DVD burner there’s something you can do about it! :D